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YouTube Widescreen

YouTube goes for more expansion and the latest is YouTube launced widescreen for better screen, cleaner and great viewing experience. From the standard size of 4:3 ratio it will expanded to a 16:9 widescreen video. Read more of this news >>> YouTube Widescreen Launched

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Watch The Rape of Europa

Watch the full movie of The Rape of Europa in PBS at 9 pm tonight. The Rape of Europa is a documentary movie featuring the epic journey of the countries that threatened to erase all the heritage of Europe. Expect that this movie The Rape of Europa could not just be told in two hours so better be ready with your snacks and drinks. Happy watching!

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George W. Bush Pardons 14 Prisoners
George W. Bush Pardons 14 Prisoners

President George W. Bush has just given the pardon order to the Justice Department to the release of the new batch of 14 prisoners.

George W. Bush pardons 14 prisoners, here are the list:
1. Leslie Owen Collier
2. Milton Kirk Cordes
3. Richard Micheal Culpepper
4. Brenda Jean Dolenz-Helmer
5. Andrew Foster Harley
6. Obie Gene Helton
7. Carey C. Hice Sr.
8. Geneva Yvonne Hogg
9. William Hoyle McCright Jr.
10. Paul Julian McCurdy
11. Robert Earl Mohon Jr.
12. Ronald Alan Mohrhoff
13. Daniel Figh Pue III
14. Orion Lynn Vick

Read more of this news Bush pardons 14 prisoners

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