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Barney Frank Town Hall Video

The most powerful members of United States House Representative Barney Frank give his point of view (YouTube video below) to the question of woman in comparing health care policies of Nazi Germany government to the proposed national health care system of Barney Frank and the President. Read more ... Barney Frank Town Hall Video

YouTube Exclusive! Barney Frank Town Hall Video

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Eric Dane Tape Video Rebecca Gayheart Kari Ann Peniche

Grey's Anatomy actor Eric Dane has reported having a scandal tape video with Rebecca Gayheart (his wife) and Kari Ann Peniche (former 2002 Miss Teen USA). There are many celebrity scandal issues that were being posted in the internet, like the recent Ashley Greene n-u-d-e photos. They are being idolized by many people, hope they serve as role model not like this. If you haven't seen the video tape scandal, I provide the video link for you to watch. Watch video ... Eric Dane Tape Video With Rebecca Gayheart And Kari Ann Peniche

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