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How to remove as a default search engine? In Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer!

If you have encountered the same experience, I will help you remove search and back your default search engine.

How To Remove As Default Web Search Engine

I am internet user and a blogger, mostly I used Google search as my default search engine to find keywords, sites, products and more. One day, I experience internet connection problem, when I type my site into the URL bar it suddenly goes directly to search which is unusual because this was first time happen. And now every time I search is now my default search engine.

Here is how to remove search engine.
Step 1: Download this Ask Search Utility
Step 2: Unzip
Step 3: (Note! Your browser must be close before executing the file) Double click to execute. And your done!

Many internet users used Google search or Yahoo search as their default search engine. Though there also some other search engine that you may use like Live Search, AOL Search, Scour Search and All of these search engine are reliable and easy to use. You just have to choose which one fits your search style.

Hope this post help you.

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