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Giuliano Stroe World Strongest Child

Giuliano Stroe a 5 year old kid from Romania is now in the list of Guinness Book of World Records as the World Strongest Child. Giuliano Stroe is lifting weights at his early age, the video below gives you the idea on how a 5 year old boy become World Strongest Child. Read more ... Giuliano Stroe World Strongest Child

Watch YouTube Video | Giuliano Stroe World Strongest Child

Giuliano Stroe World Strongest Child Video

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Obama Calls Kanye West A Jackass

President Barack Obama calls Kanye West a jackass in ABC news interview by Terry Moran former White House Correspondent which he posted in his Twitter account. Terry Moran deleted the post but this will not revert the issue. It already spread! Read more ... Obama Calls Kanye West A Jackass

Watch Obama Calls Kanye West A Jackass | Audio | YouTube Video

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VMA Incident Video

Watch this 2009 Video Music Award's (VMA) incident video to see how Kanye West humiliated Taylor Swift on the night of the ceremony. Kanye West act so rude in front of the audience proclaiming Beyonce's "Single Ladies" video as the winner. Read more ... VMA Incident Video

Watch 2009 VMA Incident Video

Kanye West humiliated Taylor Swift

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Kidnapped Girl Jaycee Lee Dugard Found 18 Years Later

Jaycee Lee Dugard has been found alive 18 years later! Kidnapped girl victim Allissa (real name Jaycee Lee Dugard) was found in a shed at Antioch, Calif wherein it was describe as a hidden back yard. It was a secret yard behind the tall trees and a tarp. Suspects Phillip Craig Garrido and his wife Nancy Garrido were charge by the police. Read more ... Kidnapped Girl Found 18 Years Later

Watch Kidnapped Girl Found 18 Years Later News Video

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Senator Ted Kennedy Died

Exclusive News! Senator Ted Kennedy Died at 77. Senator Edward Ted Kennedy was diagnosed with brain cancer since May, 2008 but he never stop fighting until the end. Ted Kennedy was the second most senior of all the US Senators and was the youngest of all the Kennedy brothers. Read more ... Senator Edward Ted Kennedy Died

Watch Senator Edward Ted Kennedy Video

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Barney Frank Town Hall Video

The most powerful members of United States House Representative Barney Frank give his point of view (YouTube video below) to the question of woman in comparing health care policies of Nazi Germany government to the proposed national health care system of Barney Frank and the President. Read more ... Barney Frank Town Hall Video

YouTube Exclusive! Barney Frank Town Hall Video

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Eric Dane Tape Video Rebecca Gayheart Kari Ann Peniche

Grey's Anatomy actor Eric Dane has reported having a scandal tape video with Rebecca Gayheart (his wife) and Kari Ann Peniche (former 2002 Miss Teen USA). There are many celebrity scandal issues that were being posted in the internet, like the recent Ashley Greene n-u-d-e photos. They are being idolized by many people, hope they serve as role model not like this. If you haven't seen the video tape scandal, I provide the video link for you to watch. Watch video ... Eric Dane Tape Video With Rebecca Gayheart And Kari Ann Peniche

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Vanessa Hudgens New Pictures

Vanessa Hudgens a Fil-American singer and actress has a new scandal pictures that was been uploaded in the internet this year 2009. According to the celebrity news reports, Vanessa Hudgens apologizes again for the second time because there was previous scandal reports that she did in 2007. Read more ... Vanessa Hudgens New Pictures

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Cory Aquino Died

Exclusive News Today! Cory Aquino died this morning at exactly 3:18 AM at Makati Medical Center, Makati City, Philippines. Cory Aquino died fighting, you never been see pain in her face. I would like to take this opportunity to give my condolences to the family of Corazon Cory Aquino. We will missed you Cory Aquino. Read more ... Cory Aquino Died

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Watch Erin Andrews ESPN Peephole Tape Video Scandal

Erin Andrews Peephole Tape Video

ESPN sportscaster Erin Andrews has a scandal video that was tape recorder through a hotel peephole. I personally didn't watch the actual video because it was been remove immediately after Erin Andrews confirmed that she is the woman in the video peep scandal. The Erin Andrews peephole tape video was recorder and uploaded without the knowledge of Erin Andrews, legal actions has now been implemented to the person who uploaded the Erin Andrews video peep. Read more ... Erin Andrews ESPN Peephole Tape Video Scandal

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Dancing Inmates Tribute To Michael Jackson! Michael Jackson is dead!

Dancing Inmates Tribute To Michael Jackson

The world famous Cebu’s dancing inmates gave sympathy to the King of Pop Michael Jackson as their performed its childhood hits "Ben". Michael Jackson died on June 25 through cardiac arrest. Michael Jackson was immediately rushed to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center at exactly 2:26 pm but the doctors didn't save his life.

Watch The Dancing Inmates Tribute Video To Michael Jackson

Dancing Inmates Tribute Video To Michael Jackson

The Cebu’s dancing inmates was become famous worldwide after seeing their YouTube hit performance "Thriller". They want to perform it as a tribute but it is not the right song at this time, instead after the first performance (Ben), Cebu’s dancing inmates performed "I’ll Be There" and followed by "We Are the World".

Byron Garcia, provincial jail consultant of Cebu uploaded the videos who took a million viewers for less that 36 hours.

More news update and videos Michael Jackson Dies!

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How to remove as a default search engine? In Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer!

If you have encountered the same experience, I will help you remove search and back your default search engine.

How To Remove As Default Web Search Engine

I am internet user and a blogger, mostly I used Google search as my default search engine to find keywords, sites, products and more. One day, I experience internet connection problem, when I type my site into the URL bar it suddenly goes directly to search which is unusual because this was first time happen. And now every time I search is now my default search engine.

Here is how to remove search engine.
Step 1: Download this Ask Search Utility
Step 2: Unzip
Step 3: (Note! Your browser must be close before executing the file) Double click to execute. And your done!

Many internet users used Google search or Yahoo search as their default search engine. Though there also some other search engine that you may use like Live Search, AOL Search, Scour Search and All of these search engine are reliable and easy to use. You just have to choose which one fits your search style.

Hope this post help you.

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tnomeralc web design toys that I have design in photoshop
This is my toy a simple image that I design in photoshop, it is a propose design for tnomeralc web design toys

Toys for me is like Photoshop, it serves different purposes in humans. Omer Tnomeralc an old friend of mine considered Photoshop as the world best web design software's used by many web designer. Tnomeralc the man who established his own web design consulting and E-commerce website known as Claremont Design. Tnomeralc started as a freelance web designer and offer his services not just only for money but also to help other people. Tnomeralc first web design project was a web page design for LA Toy Store, when he received the full details of the designs he notice that the main objective of the author is to provide toys for autistic children and used the toys as therapy.

Tnomeralc Web Design Toys Ideas

tnomeralc web design toys is now providing an entertainment in all children to fulfill and enhance their skills

tnomeralc web design toys is now providing an entertainment in all children to fulfill and enhance their skills. With the help of tnomeralc web design all toys are now serve as a simplest method in developing and investing for children future. Most of us specially those who can afford are buying the best toys for our children, in tnomeralc web design toys they suggested that one of the best toys for children is a wooden blocks. Why? For additional information, children who play toys like wooden blocks in his early age develop their hand and eye coordination, they also learn to be more creative, number related and become great provider.

tnomeralc web design toys also consider his designs to be appropriate for all ages, Tnomeralc designs has a place for infant toys, toddler toys and kids toys which should be in bright colors, attractive textures and interesting sounds. There is also an educational toys for school children like mathematical toys, puzzles and clay sculpting toys.

Tnomeralc Web Design Toys Economic View

In this time of crisis, traditional toys has a changing demands in toy making industry. Toy makers are now aware that in modern age most children chooses electronic toys like video games, power rangers, PSP that is more interactive though some traditional toys are now being sold in a low price in order to survive.

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Watch Comet Lulin Tonight

Watch Comet Lulin Tonight!

I will not let this once in a lifetime opportunity to watch a comet passed to Earth. Comet Lulin will be seen tonight February 24, 2009 at 10 P.M. (southern by midnight and western by dawn). If you not seen the video of Comet Lulin visit this Comet Lulin Tonight Video

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Comet Tonight Watch Video

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Watch Friday The 13th Trailer 2009 Review

Friday The 13th Trailer 2009 Review

Have you watch the Friday The 13th Trailer? This is the early horror movie of the year, wherein it will be release on February 13, 2009 worldwide. Welcome to Crystal Lake is the title of the new episode of Friday The 13th. There were elements to be taken in this three movies "Friday The 13th", "Tobe Hooper's The Texas Chain Saw Massacre", "Freddy vs. Jason" so be better to have somebody beside you when you are watching this recast episode of 2009 Friday The 13th.

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Watch Road To Perdition

Road to Perdition
Road to Perdition

I watched this movie Road to Perdition, though the cinematography was taken from 70's but the main story are still affect our present life. The story was focused to the father and son relationship, the difficulty on finding job and how to move away from your fast. Tom Hanks the actor portraying Michael Sullivan and Tyler Hoechlin the son portraying Michael Jr.

If you are a father or an employee, I recommend to watch this movie and you will know what I mean.

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President Barack Obama Inauguration Speech Video

Watch President Barack Obama Inauguration Speech Video
Watch Live stream video of the Obama Inauguration Speech

If you haven't watch the Inauguration Speech of President Barack Obama, here is your chance to watch all the activities that happen on the day of Inauguration. You can also read the full copy of the inauguration speech of President Obama.

Happy watching!

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