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I was blogging for almost 2 weeks, 10 days to be exact. And I found blogging to be exciting and can help me soon to promote my graphics design services. So far this blog is now visible on Google and Yahoo, and soon on MSN. This blog also ranks for the keyword "Nilo Evangelista" (my full name).

Photoshop World Site stats

This post is served as a reference on my future Site Stats Update posts, so I will know if my blog is growing.
Search Engine Optimization
My goal is to rank on Google, Yahoo for the keywords Photoshop World, Tutorial, Filipino Graphic Artist, Graphic Designer, Nilo Evangelista and more...
Feed Subscribers
And as I am writing now this post. I have Ten (10) feed burner subscribers in a very short period of time. :) If you are not a subscriber of Photoshop World please click here to subscribe.
Technorati and Pagerank
My Techonorati Authority is 3. Pagerank is 0. I am looking for more Blogroll friends to exchange link with me to increase my Technorati and Pagerank.
Site Income
I was monetizing this site using Bidvertizer. Soon I am going to post about my services too. If you liked this site... I would be happy if you are going to donate a small amount of penny :) You can placed a FREE ads here via Entrecard.
Future Plans
I was planning to buy a domain name soon.. going to add more Photoshop Tutorials and Tricks.

Until next post guys.

lindsay lohan picture anorexia nervosa eating disorder disease illness photoshop world graphics tutorial
Lindsay Lohan : Entry at FreakingNews
Submitted: July 07, 2006
Time: 9:18:16 AM
“There is a lot of false information about anorexia nervosa disseminated in pop culture. This study suggests that even a nugget of accurate biological information can influence how health care professionals perceive the illness,” said Dr. Cynthia M. Bulik, director of UNC’s Eating Disorders Program.

A new study finds that when people are given a biological and genetics-based explanation for the cause of anorexia nervosa they are less likely to blame individuals with anorexia for their illness. Conversely, when anorexia is attributed to a sociocultural stress, the public and even health professionals can have a tainted view of the disease. The dichotomy of public perception suggests the need for improved community and professional education on the eating disorder. “This is a potentially important finding,” said Michele A. Crisafulli , “because it suggests that wider dissemination of information about the biological and genetic underpinnings of anorexia nervosa could help decrease the blame-based stigma that is associated with the disorder.”

Here in photoshop world - your graphics and photoshop tutorial would like to educate people about Anorexia nervosa.

FYI - Photoshop World

Download Day - English

Spread Firefox and join the mission for setting a Guinness World Record for the most downloaded software in just 24 hours! Can you believe that?

The Firefox communities has a reasons to celebrate because Firefox 3 launch, Mozilla's 10th anniversary, and Download Day! The exact release date is still on sealed, but through pledging you will receive an update of Firefox 3 release.

If you willing to contribute, then be part of it and pledge now as we did here in photoshop world - your graphics and photoshop tutorials.

SARS, sudden acute respiratory syndrome, a virus started in China's Guangdong province. May have come from civets, a breed of wild cat.

Smallpox-like disease, which is investigated that is came from a not common pet a Midwestern prairie dog. But still some pet stores have been selling them form around the world. According to Dr. Steve Ostroff of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the virus is called monkeypox. He said that these virus don't have any information yet. Although he believes that people got sick from handling the prairie dogs.

This case illustrates something that doctors have long known, that animal diseases probably cause most of the microbes that infect human beings. A Scottish study reported that 61 percent of human infectious diseases originated with animals, as do 75 percent of all "emerging diseases".

Another example cases are:
A first Human AIDS cases but still in the process of study may have been transferred from chimpanzees. In 44 states found the West Nile virus moved from birds to mosquitoes to people.

As Dr. Daniel Shapiro said, an associate professor of medicine at Boston University. "Remember, we're not the dominant life form on Earth, Bacteria and other infectious agents are, really."


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