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Whats New With Photoshop World

I was blogging for almost 2 weeks, 10 days to be exact. And I found blogging to be exciting and can help me soon to promote my graphics design services. So far this blog is now visible on Google and Yahoo, and soon on MSN. This blog also ranks for the keyword "Nilo Evangelista" (my full name).

Photoshop World Site stats

This post is served as a reference on my future Site Stats Update posts, so I will know if my blog is growing.
Search Engine Optimization
My goal is to rank on Google, Yahoo for the keywords Photoshop World, Tutorial, Filipino Graphic Artist, Graphic Designer, Nilo Evangelista and more...
Feed Subscribers
And as I am writing now this post. I have Ten (10) feed burner subscribers in a very short period of time. :) If you are not a subscriber of Photoshop World please click here to subscribe.
Technorati and Pagerank
My Techonorati Authority is 3. Pagerank is 0. I am looking for more Blogroll friends to exchange link with me to increase my Technorati and Pagerank.
Site Income
I was monetizing this site using Bidvertizer. Soon I am going to post about my services too. If you liked this site... I would be happy if you are going to donate a small amount of penny :) You can placed a FREE ads here via Entrecard.
Future Plans
I was planning to buy a domain name soon.. going to add more Photoshop Tutorials and Tricks.

Until next post guys.


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