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SARS, sudden acute respiratory syndrome, a virus started in China's Guangdong province. May have come from civets, a breed of wild cat.

Smallpox-like disease, which is investigated that is came from a not common pet a Midwestern prairie dog. But still some pet stores have been selling them form around the world. According to Dr. Steve Ostroff of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the virus is called monkeypox. He said that these virus don't have any information yet. Although he believes that people got sick from handling the prairie dogs.

This case illustrates something that doctors have long known, that animal diseases probably cause most of the microbes that infect human beings. A Scottish study reported that 61 percent of human infectious diseases originated with animals, as do 75 percent of all "emerging diseases".

Another example cases are:
A first Human AIDS cases but still in the process of study may have been transferred from chimpanzees. In 44 states found the West Nile virus moved from birds to mosquitoes to people.

As Dr. Daniel Shapiro said, an associate professor of medicine at Boston University. "Remember, we're not the dominant life form on Earth, Bacteria and other infectious agents are, really."


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