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TOKYO - Northern Japan shakes by a powerful 7.2 magnitude earthquake rocked a rural area of northern Japan on Saturday, killing at least two people and 64 were injured according to fire and disaster management officials. It triggers landslides and reportedly knocking down a bridge.

The 8:43 a.m. earthquake was centered in the northern Japan prefecture (state) of Iwate about 280 miles north of Tokyo. It was felt as far away as the capital. One of the deaths was a man who ran out of a building in fear and was hit by a passing truck, and the other confirmed death was a man who was buried in a landslide while he was fishing. Fire and Disaster Management Agency spokesmen said at least 64 people were injured, including at least two people who in critical condition. One of them was a dam worker in Iwate, who was hit by falling rock. National broadcaster NHK said 67 people were hurt.

Natural disaster like this is unpredictable it may just come right now, but this is the time for us to help our neighboring countries and make them feel that we are all in one family, one heart and one soul... In photoshop world - your graphics and photoshop tutorials, we are praying for the safety of the people in Northern Japan in behalf of our country Philippine and the Filipino people.


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