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New study finds no strong evidence that the chemicals contribute to a common birth defect of the penis, though some research has linked chemicals in chlorinated tap water to the risk of birth defects. The defect, known as hypospadias, occurs when the urinary outlet develops on the underside of the penis rather than at the tip. Genetics are thought to play a large role in hypospadias risk, but the other potential causes are not fully understood.

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as per my experience in cytogenetics, i have come across more than 100 cases of hypospedias. in most of the cases (almost 70%) i found the Y chromosome is smaller in size than usual. there is only a loss of heterochromatin or a non-functional region. its yet to be decided that these non functional region has any role at all or not. most of the patients were from rural area. that information can rule out the possible effect of chlorinated water.


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