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alien evidence

Are aliens really occur or they are just imagination? Are there really evidence of alien bodies found? You...did you see one? Share your experience....

Ever since I was a kid I always think what happen when aliens came to Earth. Where are we hiding? Are they going take us to their planet? What they look like? Many say they witness flying objects but still proofs are still hoax. There are another sightings in 1963, in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, another alien sighting in 1969 when Liberty Freewillow of San Francisco saw alien after he took his medicines.

If you want to share your experience and something to say, you can comment here.

In this site you will find what aliens might look like...

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silver jacket. butterfly logo. lmao classic . bunch of lies

It is true that there are many hoaxes in life...

People ask why would they come here and how would they travel the vastness of space...yet we ourselves, in our technological infancy, have somehow managed to create "spaceships" which travel to and explore those planets closest to us. Mankind has an innate desire to travel, learn and observe - to know the truth.

People ask, if "Aliens" were here, where would they hide?...yet we have vast sea's and aerospace which are largely uninhabited. No man-made structure (No matter how big) is visible from only a few miles up. 22 Miles takes us out of our Magnetosphere and into Space. Even a "huge" UFO would not be visible at that distance.

People always say that if they were here, we'd have seen them by now....yet over 20% of the "normal" population, throughout history, is recorded as having said they have seen them. Many officials from the world's Militaries, Governments, Aeronauts, Gentries and Monarchies have also reported having seen the UFO phenomenon.

While it is true that certain things are just impossible or unlikely....the fact is that there appear to be trillions of stars that we can see, maybe even more that we can't see. There is abundant organic-life on our planet - both Carbon-based and Nitrogen-Based. We have invented road-vehicles, aeroplanes, radio, LASER and even primitive space-ships, capable of space-travel and exploration...

...why is it so unbelievable to the majority of people that somebody else, somewhere else at sometime else has done similar things to us? Maybe even better than us! The evidence and the science is there - just an overwhelming unwilling to accept that we are not really GODs children, made out of clay and placed here to fear and worship his Divinity and Power whilst striving to escape the clutches of the various incarnations of the Devil's temptation (be they in the form Pornography, Cream-Cakes, Television or Ipod-Nano), as the majority of other people still tend to Faithfully believe.

"Easier to believe the lie than be faced with the uncertainty."

I'd like to finish with another one of my quotes...

"No matter how unlikely, life on distant planets, we are at least living proof for them that it does exist."

Peace to all. Pete Tinsley.

The government hides things from people. Life is out there.

Ever since I was a kid I've always looked up at the night sky, wondering if aliens were real, and imagined that someone or something else on another planet was looking up and wondering the same...

Of course aliens are real how stupidly arrogant is it to think that in the vast amount of space that were the only living creatures also as we're looking for them we have to remember that just because life works the way it does here on earth doesn't mean that's how it has to work on other planets


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