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Diameter of the Earth - Photoshop World
Photoshop Design By Nilo

Everyone of us has its own personal world. We make our own decision base in different situation. Photoshop World is my place, join me and drive your imagination to reality.

Planet Earth the home of all mankind, animals, plants, all living and non-living things. The 1.14% population growth of the Earth in the latest update last April 2008 was 6,660,000,000 or 6.66 billion and I think I am belong to that billion people. "Well I guess."

The Diameter of the Earth at the Equator is about 7,926.28 miles or 12,756.1 km and the Earth circumference between the North Poles and South Poles is about 24,859.82 miles or 40,008 km. The Earth diameter at the poles is about 7,899.80 miles or 12,713.5 km and it's circumference at the Equator 24,901.55 miles or 40,075.16 km.

The Sun is the source of light of the earth, the distance from the Earth to the Sun is about 93,020,000 miles or 149,669,180 km. And the Moon set as your lamp at night with a distance of 238,857 miles or 384,403.1 km from Earth.

Earth rotates in its own axis 23 hours and 56 minutes and 04.09053 seconds. Our planet is rich in natural resources like:
1. Iron with 34.6%
2. Oxygen with 29.5%
3. Silicon with 15.2%
4. Magnesium with 12.7%
5. Nickel with 2.4%
6. Sulfur with 1.9%
7. Titanium with 0.05%

Let us make our Planet Earth be safe to live on. Let us not destroy its capabilities to protect us from global warming and other destruction. We must act now so that our next generation may benefit the beauty of our world.

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