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Watch Road To Perdition

Road to Perdition
Road to Perdition

I watched this movie Road to Perdition, though the cinematography was taken from 70's but the main story are still affect our present life. The story was focused to the father and son relationship, the difficulty on finding job and how to move away from your fast. Tom Hanks the actor portraying Michael Sullivan and Tyler Hoechlin the son portraying Michael Jr.

If you are a father or an employee, I recommend to watch this movie and you will know what I mean.

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President Barack Obama Inauguration Speech Video

Watch President Barack Obama Inauguration Speech Video
Watch Live stream video of the Obama Inauguration Speech

If you haven't watch the Inauguration Speech of President Barack Obama, here is your chance to watch all the activities that happen on the day of Inauguration. You can also read the full copy of the inauguration speech of President Obama.

Happy watching!

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