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Morgellons Disease is not skin infection but a skin disease or skin syndrome. Doctors, Dermatologists, Skin Specialists, did not know the causes of Morgellons Disease. There are hundreds of people who are infected of this disease are now registered to Morgellons Research Foundation and it is now spread in some part of America.

If you want to know more about this disease, watch this Morgellons Disease Videos.

FYI - Photoshop World wants to inform the public for this Morgellons Disease also classified as Unexplained Dermopathy.


This photo is of somebody suffering from Dracunculiasis, otherwise known as Guinea Worms.

I agree! As a Morgellons sufferer this does not appear as anything that I have experienced.This does little to help true sufferers of this disease.

This disease is linked back to your US govt and their chem trails they spray by plane all over you everyday. Ever wonder what those trails behind certain plains were? Look it up

I agree with the first comment; I actually came to this page intending to tell you the same thing.

The Guinea Worm is not only horrible, debilitating, and preventable... it's also completely real.

The Mayo Clinic has taken samples sent in by people who claim they have this diseases, and it turns out they were ticks, public lice, fabric fibers etc.

This is a mental illness, not a legitimate disease.

To the clown who said the US Government was spraying chemicals on people daily, and his or her evidence was airline contrails, no, I suggest YOU go look it up...go study the grade level basic science about ice crystal formation from water vapor, so you can go drop your tinfoil shields.

To the person who said chemtrails aren't real... I have SEEN them do it. In Ashland, oregon, they sprayed from a helicopter. Too high to be fertilizer and to low to be contrails. In addition, research the soil aluminum levels in United states soil. Test the level of aluminum in your own back yard. You will be surprised!

I feel bad for people who do not believe this disease is real. They believe that being in a state of denial will make this thing go away. Given the facts, this thing will only spread. Don't think that ridiculing others or ignoring the disease will make you immune to it. It is spreading and we need to come together and find a cure before it is too late. It's the right thing to do for our planet,for ourselves and future generations. Accept it, it's real.


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